100 Million Acres of Beef?

A few weeks ago I was invited to be a guest on one of Jimmy Moore’s podcasts. When we recorded our episode, I got the chance to chat with Brooks Rembert of JB Primal(link removed).

During one of our off-air conversations, he mentioned that he was working on a new post about sustainability in livestock farming. Well, it looks like he’s finished.

In “More Meat for All”(link removed), Brooks runs through the numbers for acreage dedicated to grain production and subsidies for grain production. It turns out that we spend a lot on this. A lot. In 2012, we paid roughly $10 Billion in subsidies to corn and wheat production, while livestock farmers got a paltry $41 Million. Seems like a tremendous disparity, no?

Check out Brooks’ article(link removed) for more surprising facts and statistics and a not-so-crazy “What if?” thought experiment about the consequences of turning those subsidies and crop land devoted to grain production over to livestock production.

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  1. It looks like Brooks’ blog has vanished, so I’ve removed the links. If it comes back, I’ll update.

    Hope you’re doing well, Brooks!


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