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Someone made mention of this new high-MCT coconut oil today in one of the forums or another, and it seemed topical to an N=1 experiment that my friends April and John over at LivingKeto.info are doing in regards to supplementing with MCT oil. (They haven’t written about it yet, so I hope I’m not giving anything away by making reference to it.) At any rate, they are using one of the standard MCT Oils available. I’ve heard negative feedback regarding the taste with the standard oils, so this new Nature’s Way product might be an appealing alternative to those pursuing MCT oil supplementation.

If you aren’t familiar with MCT oil and why people use it, Phinney and Volek offer the following explanation of what it does in The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance:
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New Data From Sydney Heart Study Revealed, Correlates Omega 6 PUFA With Death

I’m rushing out this morning so I don’t have time to share a lot of thoughts on this, but on first glance it seems like quite an inconvenient truth to the old guard: “missing” data from the Sydney Heart Study (1966-1973) has been found, and when analyzed, shows that current American Heart Association guidance on linoleic acid intake may be wrong.

If you don’t remember, the Sydney Heart Study is an intervention study in which the one group of men (30-59years) were asked to reduce animal fats to 10% of energy intake and to increase linoleic acid (“healthy” safflower oil, sunflower oil margarines). The control group
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Research Finds Link Between Fructose and Pancreatic Cancer

Ashton Kutcher has been in the news a lot recently. Normally this is something well worth ignoring, but in this instance it’s interesting: He’s been promoting the new Steve Jobs movie (in which he plays Steve Jobs) by explaining how he was hospitalized after following Steve Jobs’ diet for some time. Steve Jobs apparently ate nothing but fruit.

So what happened to poor Ashton? Well, the details are quite thin: “I was doubled over in pain […] my pancreas levels were completely out of wack.” Media reports that he spent time in the hospital. The exact nature of his affliction and the treatment for it remain undisclosed.
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