A Few Resources To Bring With You To The Dr’s Office

A few easy resources to familiarize yourself with before visiting the doctor. Depending on your doc, you may even want to print these and have them at the ready while you’re there.

A – Z Diet Study (JAMA)

Shows the relative weight losses for multiple popular diets.  Low carb FTW! Print it out and keep it in your bag.


Low-carb, high-fat diets add no arterial health risks to obese (John’s Hopkins)

The research paper hasn’t been released yet, but reports of its findings have been all over the place. Print it out and keep it in your bag.


Nutrition and Metabolism Society Research Paper Archive

One of the best collections of research on low carb diets that there is.  Take the link to your doc and point him/her to it if s/he has questions.


How to Interpret Your VAP Test Results

You DID remember to get a VAP test, didn’t you?


Five Reasons Not To Worry About Your Cholesterol Numbers, Chris Kesser


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