Doctor Cuts Carbs, Loses Weight, Reverses Diabetes

Doctor David Nash has a nice little post over on KevinMD where he recounts a personal story about how he was diagnosed with prediabetes despite following a “healthy” diet where he “avoided fatty foods”, “ate fruits and vegetables regularly” and maintained a “commitment to exercise”.

What did he do to help?  He cut carbs to 60 grams a day, he lost over 5% of his body weight in a month and completely reversed prediabetes symptoms within 60 days of starting his low carb regimen.

What’s interesting to me, however, is the total lack of controversy regarding his use of a low carb diet. Not only was he prescribed it by his own physician, but a consulting PhD nutritionist supported and advised him as he cut carbs.  Could it be that low carbohydrate diets are finally becoming more acceptable to mainstream medical professionals? I’d be curious to hear his thoughts on low carbohydrate living for people without prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.



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