Full Fat Goes Mainstream?

NPR’s Morning Edition aired a delightful segment on full fait dairy foods and the (to some) unexpected consequence: “people who eat higher fat dairy tend to be leaner than people who eat skim (low fat) products.” It turns out that this “high fat paradox” is present in children as well.

2 Responses to “Full Fat Goes Mainstream?”

  1. So many paradoxes in the low fat/high carb/cholesterolarterycloggingsaturatedfat/fatmakesyoufat/carbsarethebestest theories, at somepoint does nobody step back and re-examine things besides bloggers and the odd author?

    • Stephen

      Hi Danny there are many people who have done just that. I am new to this blog so cannot comment about Michael yet. However Peter Attia on The Eating Academy is very very careful about what he ascribes as fact. The careful science does not make light reading but it is thorough. Tim Noakes is another. Phinney and Volek to whom Michael also refers are down the line too. And there are others. Just check out Michael’s blogroll. Of course brushing the whole story with the paradox brush could be a more comfortable way to write it all off as a pathetic challenge to the status quo.


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