2 Responses to “Gary Taubes on Sugar”

  1. Frank Araujo

    I’ve really enjoyed Taubes’s books. Wish I coulda heard him talk.

  2. Lynda R Symans

    I lost my last 20 on the Keto Buddy FB site (Martina and company). I have kept it off for almost a year. Hit a small bump when someone gave me Paul Jaminet’s Perfect Health Diet. He slams Gary T and Volek and Phinney pretty hard. I tied his plan because I was feeling dried out and he suggests “mucins” to help that. Igained three pounds and felt bloated trying to add the foods he suggested. I went from 25 carbs to 70 by adding a sweet potato and some sticky white rice (for the resistant starch both have). Okay, it was an experiment – lesson learned. Just trying to untangle my brain now that I’m back to maintaining on 2-28 carbs and higher fat so I don’t take anymore fat stores out of me. Let me just say – all you scientists speak boldly. I’m just an end user and it’s confusing. My instinct, however says keto is perfect for me…hope I’m right about that. Good luck to us all. Sorry for the repeat post – this one corrects the typos – it’s my Iphone’s fault…:)


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