HyVee Agrees to Stop Stocking Pink Slime Tainted Beef

I just checked my mail and was excited to see that Hy-Vee, one of the local grocery stores I shop at, has agreed to stop stop stocking pink slime.  That’s awesome news, and I’m glad they stopped the whole “blame the consumer” approach to queries about it.

At any rate, here’s the text of the email they sent me:

In response to concerns expressed by our customers, Hy-Vee has decided to discontinue the purchase of ground beef products containing Lean Finely Textured Beef.  Although this ground beef meets all USDA standards for quality and safety, recent news stories have led to a loss of consumer confidence in the product.

We have notified our suppliers of this decision and are working to switch our product lines as quickly as possible. We want to thank our customers for sharing their feedback on this issue and assure them Hy-Vee will continue to listen and respond to their concerns, just as our company has been doing for more than 80 years.

Ruth Comer

Assistant Vice President, Media Relations


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