Ketopia’s New Design

In January of 2012 I started Ketopia with a stock theme, an image across the top that spoke of my journey, and the intention to push the Content First philosophy to the extreme. A couple years and a few hundred posts later (by multiple contributors!), we have a true community, a unique visual identity and a new design for the website.

This identity and redesign has been generously donated by fellow low-carber, illustrator and graphic designer, Stephanie Lynn of @crappymornings. While you may have only seen evidence of the redesign over the past couple of days, understand that the work has been ongoing behind the scenes for weeks.

So it is with an enormous amount of gratitude that I extend thanks to Stephanie. Not only has she been exceedingly generous with her time and talent, but she’s remained so even whilst working with the likes of me. (I’m told that I’m not always the easiest person to work with.)

Stephanie, thanks for all your work! You’ve forged a solid identity for our little community of low-carb, ketogenic dieters. Thank you!

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