New Study Finds Low Carb/High Protein Diet Beats Others at 6 Months and 2 Years

New research out of Israel and published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition compares low-carb, high protein diets to low fat and Mediterranean diets and reports that low-carb diets beat others for weight loss at 6 months and 2 years.  Additionally, the research notes that the low-carb diet appears to increase good cholesterol.




Do I Need Ketostix?

Image of ketostix boxOne of the standard questions that comes up when discussing ketogenic nutrition with people considering starting on a low-carb/ketogenic diet is, “Do I need to buy the magic pee sticks if I want to do a ketogenic diet?”

The answer is usually, “It depends.”  If you are limiting your carb intake to less than 20g/day, as outlined in the back of Why We Get Fat, then there’s really no need for them in the long term because if you maintain <20g of carbs a day, you’ll be in ketosis (with very few exceptions).
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