President Taft Lost 60lbs on Low Carb

Watching this story sourced from the Annals of Internal Medicine make the rounds on the newswires…

President William Howard Taft, the country’s heaviest commander in chief and a high-profile yo-yo dieter in his day, lost 60 pounds in the early 1900s on a low-carb diet with the help of a diet doctor. (source)

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Gary Taubes Describes First NuSi Experiment

Gary Taubes, author of Good Calories, Bad Calories and his reprise for lay people, Why We Get Fat, reveals in the September issue of Scientific American the research agenda for NuSi:

[…] Because the ultimate goal is to identify the environmental triggers of obesity, experiments should, ideally, be directed at elucidating the processes that lead to the accumulation of excess fat. But obesity can take decades to develop, so any month-to-month fat gains may be too small to detect. Thus, the first step that NuSI-funded researchers will take is to test the competing hypotheses on weight loss, which can happen relatively quickly. These first results will then help determine what future experiments are needed to further clarify the mechanisms at work and which of these hypotheses is correct.

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Modern Nutritional Diseases, 2nd. Edition is Here!

Image of the cover of Modern Nutritional Diseases
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It is with great joy that I receive word directly from Alice and Fred Ottoboni that Modern Nutritional Diseases, 2nd. Edition is available for purchase from Amazon. As you may remember, the first edition of Modern Nutritional Diseases had a profound impact on my understanding of nutrition and its relationship to health. The second edition is revised and updated, and is sure to be a must have for anyone looking to get into the science behind nutrition.

It’s also worth noting that Alice and Fred have been exceedingly gracious in their willingness to share their intellectual property with readers of Ketopia. Let’s wish them great success with this recent edition of their masterwork!
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Do You Still Think Sugar Is Harmless?

If you still think sugar is harmless, consider the recent research out of the University of Utah. Researchers discovered increased mortality and strange behaviors when mice were given extra sugar in their diet.

Not lots of extra sugar, mind you. But doses generally considered “safe”.
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Review Copy of Cholesterol Clarity

Photo of the cover of the book, Cholesterol Clarity
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It’s always a joy to hear from Jimmy Moore. He does a tremendous service to the low carb community through his blogging, his podcasts (here and here and here), and other works. So it was with no small amount of excitement that I recently received a review copy of Cholesterol Clarity, the latest collaboration between Jimmy Moore and Dr. Eric Westman.

I’ve not had a chance to dig in to it yet, but what little I’ve seen thumbing through it has me excited to dig and review. I’ll post a review as soon as I have the chance!


Robert Lustig Launches Responsible Food Non-Profit

Robert Lustig just announced that he’s launching a new initiative, responsiblefoods.org. This new non-profit is dedicated to raising awareness of the added sugar problem, and is looking for help. From his Facebook Post:

If you haven’t heard, we’re starting a non-profit dedicated toward raising awareness of the added sugar problem in our diets, as well as doing more research, and advocating for a reduction in these poisons in our foods. It’s called the Institute for Responsible Nutrition and it’s going to be world-changing.

Right now we’re on the look-out for social media experts who are passionate about this cause, and are willing to invest a few hours of their time to helping us improve our website, as well as to help drive more followers to the cause.

Interested? Contact us at info@responsiblefoods.org for more info (Or head over to www.responsiblefoods.org to see what might be improved)

Also, if you aren’t knowledgable in social media and want to help in some other way, via donations of monetary or professional value, please get a hold of us anyhow!

Yours in health,

Right now there’s not much to the site except for a MailChimp signup form to subscribe to their list and a News section. But given the cause and the man behind it, expect great things to come.


Metformin Improves Health and Longevity in Mice

We’ve discussed Metformin a number of times before, so the news from this latest research caught my eye:

long-term treatment with metformin (0.1% w/w in diet) starting at middle age extends healthspan and lifespan in male mice, while a higher dose (1% w/w) was toxic. Treatment with metformin mimics some of the benefits of calorie restriction, such as improved physical performance, increased insulin sensitivity, and reduced low-density lipoprotein and cholesterol levels without a decrease in caloric intake.

This isn’t the first time researchers have witnessed such beneficial effects, but the challenge is, of course, in understanding what significance this recent mouse study has for humans.



Eric Clapton Says His Pattern Of Addiction Started With Sugar

In this fascinating interview with Ed Bradley, Eric Clapton says his pattern of addiction started with sugar.

It [the pattern of addiction] started with sugar. When I was 5 or 6 years old I was cramming sugar down my throat as fast as I could get it down. Sweets, you know, sugar on bread and butter…I became addicted to sugar because it changed the way I felt.