Robert Lustig on The Colbert Report

Let’s round out the week with a little levity, shall we? Robert Lustig sure does make the rounds, and last night he was the guest on The Colbert Report to report his new book, Fat Chance.

There’s really not much new here. It’s entertaining, but most of all, it warms my heart to see Lustig make such inroads into popular culture. Something good may come of this…

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  1. Hello there! Would have like to have seen Prof Lustig on the Colbert report but alas the link does not work neither from this website nor from the Colbert archive website…is it coz we r in the UK??? 🙂

    • mjoneill


      Thanks for letting me know this. It looks like it’s a rights issue. Link appears to work for those in the USA. You can probably watch it if you find a proxy through North America.

      What a pain…

      I’ll do some poking around YouTube later today to see if anyone has it there…


  2. PJ Reed

    Finally found you from a pinterest pin…wish I had found you earlier!


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