Lustig, the EFSA, Fructose, and Poison

Just a quick note to point to Robert Lustig’s recent article in The Guardian: Fructose: The Poison Index.

It’s typical Lustig. Written on the occasion of The European Food and Safety Agency’s (EFSA) ruling that allows food processors and mongers to make health claims about the fructose content of their foods.

And yet the scientific data on fructose says it is one of the most egregious components of the western diet, directly contributing to heart disease and diabetes, and associated with cancer and dementia. Nature magazine has just published a scathing indictment of fructose by Dr Lewis Cantley, one of the US’s leading cancer researchers. But the EFSA says it sees no harm, justifying its stance on the basis that fructose has a lower glycaemic index than glucose.



A Slice of Whole Grain Bread Raises Your Blood Sugar More Than a Snickers

Have you heard someone tell you that, “A slice of whole wheat bread raises your blood sugar more than a Snickers bar?” Or possibly one of the variants for whole grain bread? …or maybe you’ve heard “two slices of wheat bread”?  I’ve been trying to dig up the research everyone keeps talking about, and the best that I could come up with is this article from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. In it, the authors provide a table measuring the Glycemic Load and Glycemic Index for a variety of foods. The full details behind the table are in the article, but I’ve made a composite image from the pertinent sections of the table below. Have a look:
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