Ketosis: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Perhaps nothing is more damaging to the new low-carber than the intentional spread of fear, uncertainty and doubt regarding the state of ketosis compared to the dangerous state of ketoacidosis. The former is a natural and healthy state of existence, the latter is a condition that threatens the life of type 1 diabetics and type 2 diabetics whose disease has progressed to the point where their pancreatic beta cells can no longer produce insulin (ketoacidosis is also a risk for alcoholics). So if you’re not an alcoholic, a type 1 diabetic or a late-stage type 2 diabetic, fear of ketosis is misdirected.  You should regard with suspicion anyone who confuses the two and warns you against a low-carb diet because they cannot tell the difference.
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Which Diet Works Best?

This question comes up quite frequently, and I’m going to stay away from answering it in terms of absolutes.  The notion that there’s one diet that works best for everyone is pretty ridiculous, so we just won’t go there.

With that said, there are a couple of studies that support my choice of a low-carb diet:
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