Dr. Robert Lustig – The Skinny on Obesity – Episode 4

In this the fourth episode of the series, Dr. Lustig looks at sugar’s effects on brain chemistry, specifically, how our reward system (mediated by dopamine in the nucleus accumbens) is changed in response to chronic overconsumption of sugar.

Specifically, Lustig asserts that sugar downregulates the same dopamine system in the nucleus accumbens (reward center of the brain) that drugs like cocaine do. In this sense, an addiction marked by domamine resistence in the pleasure center is an additional driver of obesity in addition to the leptin and insulin resistence he described in previous videos. All, of course, are the result of sugar consumption



Dr. Robert Lustig – The Skinny on Obesity – Episode 3

In the third installment of Dr. Robert Lustig’s, The Skinny On Obesity series, Dr. Lustig covers how our consumption of carbohydrate rich diets influence the roles of insulin and leptin hormones in our bodies, and how these contribute to obesity.

This directly addresses the misleading (and dangerous) notion that “a calorie is a calorie.” It turns (and this is no surprise to anyone who pays attention to nutrition research, really) out that different types of calories trigger different responses in the body’s hormonal response.


60 Minutes – Is Sugar Toxic?

The weekly news show 60 Minutes does an investigating report on Robert Lustig’s assertion that sugar is toxic. Worth watching for anyone interested in nutrition, regardless of whether or not they are doing keto/low-carb or not.

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