60 Minutes Rebroadcasts the “Is Sugar Toxic” Segment Tonight

A new CBS 60 Minutes Segment with Sanjay Gupta again looks at the role of sugar in many illnesses from from cancer to diabetes to obesity.

New recommendations for _maximum_ sugar consumption is 150 calories sugar a day for men, and 100 calories sugar a day for women. That works out to about 37 grams of sugar a day for men, and 25 grams of sugar a day for women. For reference, Again, that’s the _maximum_ recommended intake by Dr. Robert Lustig. For Reference, a single 12-oz can of Coke Classic contains 39 grams of sugar, more than the recommended DAILY intake of sugar for either gender. Dr. Sanjay Gupta makes special note that, “Every researcher we talk to is completely eliminating sugar from their diet.”
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60 Minutes – Is Sugar Toxic?

The weekly news show 60 Minutes does an investigating report on Robert Lustig’s assertion that sugar is toxic. Worth watching for anyone interested in nutrition, regardless of whether or not they are doing keto/low-carb or not.

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