About Bias On Ketopia

Ketopia started as a way for me to practice personal knowledge management in the domain of low carb nutrition. . . a domain that I knew nothing about when I embarked on a ketogenic diet that likely saved my life. (I have not really shared my story here yet, but I touch on it a little in my podcast with Jimmy Moore).

Since starting eating low carb, and starting Ketopia, I’ve learned a great many wonderful and fascinating things about low carb diets, nutrition, inflammation, and all manner of health issues. But it is still apparent to me that when it comes to nutrition and obesity (and all manner of related issues), we are still operating in a profound darkness.

Over time, I’ve continued learning out loud, sharing links, and otherwise promoting materials related to low carb diet, nutrition and health on this site. It has come to the point, however, where I need a disclaimer: Ketopia continues to be a tremendous educational resource for me. It’s helping me with nutrition every day, and judging by the server logs, it’s something that more than a few of you value (to one extent or another) as well.

Nothing makes me happier than to see traffic consistently growing, and insanely talented people like Katkinsk starting to contribute, and the opportunity I’ve had to form relationships with wonderful and insightful lay people and researchers alike. This is all great. The email discussions really make my day as well.

On the flip side, because this site is largely about ketogenic diets and low-carb nutrition, it necessarily suffers from an obvious bias (or several). Yes, this site presents a biased view. It has to. We’re all aware that this is just one lens through which one can look at nutrition and health; and while it’s a lens we’re incredibly excited about, it by no means represents more than a fraction of the collected wisdom on nutrition and health. There are great things going on outside the land of low-carb that we simply do not cover.

So just as a reminder, when you’re looking through Ketopia, understand that it is biased. That is an unavoidable consequence of the scope of our interests here.

So what this means for you, if you’re reading this:

  • We know there’s a bias here.
  • We know we’re promoting some things to the exception of others.
  • We try to always provide links to primary sources to the news and research we cover. We believe in reading the primary research!
  • We have opinions on nutrition and research and all manner of issues, and this is a place where we share, form and talk about those.