Links, Advertising and Reviews on Ketopia

Readers of Ketopia deserve to know how we choose to (or choose not to) monetize this website.

Ketopia neither accepts advertising, nor does it accept products from vendors in exchange for positive reviews. (Nobody has ever asked me to write a negative review, but I guess I should mention that we don’t accept products in exchange for negative reviews either).

With that said, sometimes vendors (mostly publishers) send me review copies of books (and other products) that they think I might be interested in. There are no strings attached. Obviously they hope I’ll like the book, or product…and will cover it on the website. But I maintain the right to write whatever I want, or not review something at all.

If I do review something that was given to me by a vendor, I make it clear to readers that I was given the book (or product) from a vendor. Again, I consider this important information for you to have as readers and consumers.

Ketopia DOES use Amazon affiliate links when we link to products on Amazon. This provides us analytics that tell us what types of content readers find interesting, and earns us a small commission on anything they purchase after following such a link. These analytics are anonymous…and provide no information to Ketopia as to the identity of individuals clicking links.

We choose to use Amazon affiliate links because they allow us access to these analytics while providing us a small way to support the mission of Ketopia, offset the costs of running the site, and on occasion, keep me stocked with pertinent reading material. . .all without turning this into advertising-driven website that leads to questions of credibility.

While I have no expectation that they will, if our policies change, I will update this page accordingly.