Cancer As A Metabolic Disease – Thomas Seyfried

Image of the cover of the book, Cancer As A Metabolic Disease, by Thomas Seyfried
Cancer As A Metabolic Disease, by Thomas N. Seyfried
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Some people lust after cars, or wealth, or beautiful things. Apparently, I’m demented enough to lust after books.

But what a book…

I’ve been following Seyfried for quite a while now. His talk at Ancestral Health Symposium 2013 (AHS13) is renowned. His research, promising. And his interviews, fascinating.

Cancer As A Metabolic Disease is Seyfried’s treatise on the subject, his omnibus on the subject. In it, he builds upon the concepts first articulated by Otto Warburg (of, “The Warburg Effect” fame) and covers insights gleaned from decades of research in his own lab at Boston College.

Unlike other books in the booklist, I haven’t yet read this one. I can’t quite justify the expense at the moment, but it’s definitely on my list and some day, I’ll figure out a way to get a copy. Until then, it’ll remain on the list as a reminder and a resource to those interested in the subject.


4 Responses to “Cancer As A Metabolic Disease – Thomas Seyfried”

    • Rainey: Whoa! That’s an amazing resource! Thanks for sharing the review with me. I’ve read others, but I had not yet seen this one. It’s fantastic!

    • Hi Carole!

      Apologies for the tremendous delay! I had a bunch of stuff come up, and basically I had to put everything on hold (including ketopia work) until I could clear some of the priorities off my plate.

      Now that I’m back, I’m 200 pages into Seyfried’s Cancer as Metabolic Disease and intend to wrap up the reading this week (fingers crossed).

      Have you started it yet, or are you backed up too?



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