Dr. Oz Reconsiders Position On Cholesterol – Update

I covered Dr. Oz’s recent change of heart on cholesterol in a previous post. Linked from that post are video clips from the cholesterol segment in question. Unfortunately, there’s an obvious lacuna in the videos hosted on Dr. Oz’s website. Thankfully, Fitness Coach Mark had the presence of mind to record the show and he posted a clip of the missing segment to YouTube:

It’s a nice addition to the segment and covers food choices for healthy fats, including:

  • Grass fed beef and other meats high in Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Sardines
  • Wild salmon
  • Almonds and other healthy nuts
  • More…

While not earthshaking, it’s worth watching the missing clip, especially if you are curious about the subject of cholesterol and health… Links to the rest of the clips are contained in the post referenced below.


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