Faces of Keto: tehlavs

Low-Carb Progress Picture

Name: tehlavs
Starting Weight: 215
Current Weight: 150
Duration of Weightloss: 6 months
Exercise: none

Three weeks after her husband, a sailor in the US Navy, deployed overseas, tehlavs decided it was time for a change.  At twenty-seven and overweight since childhood, she was newly diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). A new specialist she decided to see recommended that she try a low-carb ketogenic diet.  Tehlavs never expected that it would not only bring her PCOS under control and her hormones back to normal, but that it would  transform many more aspects in her life, such as the way people act around her, her self confidence, and even how she shops for clothes.

“When I was at my starting weight of 215, I absolutely hated clothes shopping. I would wear things until they literally had holes in them. If I ever did have to go and replace something, I would grab any baggy hoodie or pair of stretchy pants that I could find and dash out of the store without trying it on. I couldn’t even look at myself in the dressing room mirror. Now, at 150, I love clothes shopping. I actually take my time in the store and pick out things that accent my body, instead of hiding it. It’s such a freeing feeling. I can’t even describe how good it feels to not have the shame anymore.”

By the time her husband returned home from his deployment, she’d lost enough weight that he almost didn’t even recognize her. In fact, he nearly walked right past her when he disembarked his ship.

After he picked up his jaw from the floor, he said “Babe! Wow! You’re so small! I mean, you’re just so…small!”

Like so many others doing a low-carb or ketogenic diet, she managed to lose the weight without exercise, and while consuming approximately 1700-1800 calories of food a day.

When I started out I was afraid of overeating so I would eat 800-900 calories a day and wasn’t losing any weight. My doctor ended up testing my metabolism one day and recommended I start eating 1700-1800 a day instead. As soon as I started eating more, the weight loss sped up a LOT.

Now that she’s at her goal weight, tehlavs feels like a new person, and reports significantly more energy, a clearer head, and more motivation to get out of the house and lead an active life.  “I just love that I feel so much more alive,” she says.

She plans to continue with her keto way of eating going forward.  Her husband is totally supportive of her. When not on deployment he’ll usually eat whatever she eats (though sometimes accompanied by potatoes or bread).

If you’ve been inspired by tehlavs’ progress and body transformation, let her know.


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  1. I love this girl, and am very proud that I get to call her my adoptive Sister. She makes me smile on my bad days and laugh on my good. She’s been an inspiration to everyone.

  2. Barbara Reed

    I want to do this right and not feel like I am starving! Your story inspired me and I would like to know if you could give me some ideas of what to eat and how much?


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