John Oliver on Sugar – More Evidence of a Growing Cultural Awareness?

You may be familiar with John Oliver from his previous contributions to The Daily Show. He’s since moved on to host his weekly news and commentary show on HBO: “Last Week Tonight.” In time for Halloween, he covered the subject of sugar.

From a science perspective, there’s nothing new in his coverage. But the fact that he’s bringing to the public eye the gross over-consumption of sugar in our diet and the concomitant health issues…well this suggests a growing cultural awareness of the problem we’re all facing. That this is now the subject of public discourse and not just the domain of research science and health practitioners…well that’s a sweet development indeed.

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  1. I think the general idea that sugar is bad is out there. Jimmy more posted about his encounter in a grocery store line where the clerk told him to “live a little” and eat some sugar.

    Perhaps we are in the justification of a “vice” phase.

  2. I think people forget the form of sugar in nature. I have a little video I posted about sugar. I recorded it just about a week ago and it will show you that sugar is clearly not made for human consumption. I am following a ketogenic diet and I am on month 2.

    Here is a link to my sugar video:

    and these are links to my 2 youtube channels, one in English and one in Spanish.
    Thank you!


    • Hi Linda!

      I think that’s a question best suited for a conversation between you and your physician. While I’m not aware of any indication that a ketogenic diet is harmful to kidneys (or any other organ), I’d want to run this past my healthcare provider if it were me.



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