Low Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore And Friends – Episode 57

Last weekend I had the honor and privilege to record an episode of Low Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore and Friends.  It was an unquestionably good time and I  enjoyed being there for co-host Dietitian Cassie‘s first show.  She’s awesome, and I look forward to hearing more from her in coming episodes.

It also goes without saying that it was a blast to have an actual conversation with Jimmy, Cassie, and fellow guest (and wicked-smart primal blogger and entrepreneur) Brooks Rembert from JB Primallink removed.

We covered a range of topics from Boston Market’s plan to reduce salt in their menu offerings to recent research that calls into question the longevity benefit of caloric restriction, and a whole lot of things in between (see list here).  If you know me, you’ll be able to hear how much fun I was having.

Doing this also made one thing obvious: Jimmy Moore is a total pro.  Just in case you’re wondering: It is recorded as a real conversation. The show is not produced by clipping together multiple takes.  That means it has the cadence of a real conversation (something that I think is essential to keep it interesting). But it also means that if you say something stupid, you don’t get to edit it out later.  Since Jimmy has the delivery and the style of a professional broadcaster, he clearly doesn’t need multiple takes.  Some of us newbies, however, well…

Yeah, I said a few dumb things: At one point, I recall going on an attack against “scientists”.  As in, all of them.  In my head, I was thinking about sloppy scientists…but I didn’t quite vocalize that distinction.  Oops!

At another point, I obliquely implied that Iowa sits atop the Ogallala aquifer. It doesn’t. I knew that as I was saying it, but didn’t have the opportunity to clarify the point without making a big issue of it.  I’m sure there are more things that will make me cringe a little as I listen to the conversation again…but that’s OK.  The point was to have an enjoyable and informative conversation, not defend a dissertation.  And by that count, I had a blast and learned a lot. So, head on over to Jimmy Moore’s Low Carb Conversations and give it a listen.  Maybe you’ll enjoy hearing it as I enjoyed being a part of it.





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  1. Looks like Brooks’ website has disappeared. I’ve removed the links to it for now. If it comes back, I’ll add them back.


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