NuSi Awarded $40-Million In Research Funding

The Arnold Foundation, which previously granted NuSi $5-million in seed money, has donated an additional $40-million to conduct three experiments examining the relationship between nutrition and disease. According to a press release not (yet?) available on the NuSi site, these experiments will be run across six universities/research institutions over the next three years.

Can’t wait to read about the study designs here…


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  1. Thanks for the update! Keeping an eye on the NuSi lot. I must say I did not give them the warmest of welcomes on my blog as i fear the usual reductionist epidemiological association studies that already clog our nutritional arteries and add to our confusion rather than our knowledge. However I wish to remain open minded because I really like the people behind the initiative and trust they set out not to repeat the mistakes of the past/present…let’s hope so! Fingers crossed!!

    • I dunno… I can respect the, “not ready to take it on faith that they’ll do right” sentiment.

      From what I’ve read of their work, neither Gary Taubes and Peter Attia are no fans of using epidemiological studies to prove causation. For this reason, I have hope. But…and it’s a big one…there’s probably going to more publicity around this research than any other nutritional research in history. It’s probably the first to have a veritable fan club defending it, as well as a cohort of people poking holes in it.

      It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, but in the end, I’ll be happy if we can learn something from it. 😛

  2. PaleoFastUK, We have been following your various and varied comments on Ketopia, and must say they echo our thoughts (minus the delightful accent).

    We bemoan the fact that epidemiology today has forgotten Dr. Snow’s lesson about removing the pump handle

    • Ehi thanks Michael and thanks Alfred….what is the delightful accent?
      Well as I say we must wait and see but I am genuinely happy that NuSi has attracted the funds. Nutrition in general needs some serious spring cleaning/tyding up….what do you guys think of this from BBC news today?
      Why the label ‘carb hater’ in the artile? I think it would be more correct to say that we respect our bodies and health too much to eat refined carbs…I don’t hate carbs. I jsut don’t think they are suitable staple foods for humans… 😉

    • Mary McC

      I work for John Snow, Inc., which took it’s name from Dr. Snow, the father of epidemiology. If you want to read about him in a fascinating book, read “Ghost Map.”


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