Why We All Don’t Get Cancer – Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

A fantastic talk at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center by Craig P. Thompson, President and CEO of Memorial Sloan Kettering.

It starts off with a great overview of cancer in general and the associated metabolic pathways of cancer cells, including the Warburg effect and why cancer cells light up in a PET scan (hint, it’s the glucose!). He also touches on the problems of overconsumption leading to increased IGF-1 stimulation and the resultant increase in glucose uptake by all cells. This, of course, drives tumogenesis.

At this point he comes on strong with the nutrition connection:

“If you overfeed someone with fat, you don’t increase their cancer risk at all. If you overfeed someone with carbohydrates, you dramatically increase their cancer risk. Protein is half way in between.” (Craig Thompson)

If we return now to the title, it seems like Craig Thompson’s answer to his rhetorical question, “Why don’t we all get cancer?” is basically, glucose control.

Well worth the watch if you are interested in cancer, or touched by it personally or via friends/family.

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  1. Just wanted to say that this is a stunning interesting video. Thank you for posting. Are the rest of the talks also available for viewing?
    I am a geneticist who speialised in epigenetics and have a blog where I talk about fasting and its health benefits especially in teh context of an ‘ancestral’ fat and protein based type diet, with no grains or processed foods and quite low in carbs (only those coming from some root vegetables). People are skeptical and almost hostile to fasting. They fear fasting but it is actually great. I eat only one meal a day in the evening. Never felt better. I have a responsible job in an academic setting (although I ahve left active research) and I feel absolutely fine throughout the day no highs and no lows. Thank you again for this video. I will share with friends especially two who have been affected by cancer.

  2. hello… I am in tuned with the info in this video, i have been on a therapeutic ketogenic + intermittent fasting for five months, with a warm-up period of 3 months. I do remember how i learnt (have been told) that cancer cells love body fat…that cancer starts or mostly likely start in the fat storage of the body. And the with Dr. Ben Bikman’s research on how white fat cells behave as brown fat cells during ketosis. so is the fat not any more cancer feeding but now cancer defender…hmmm…fascinating.


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