About That Recent Report On Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer

No doubt you’ve heard the sensationalism: “Fish oil causes prostate cancer!”, “Taking fish oil increases your risk of developing prostate cancer by over 70%!”, and “Fish oil’s going to kill you!”

Sadly, this is what happens when the media gets ahold of bad research that makes outrageous claims.

Because of the private conversations I’ve had, I know a number of you are incensed, confused or dismayed by the recent news: and you should be. Not because fish oil is going to do you harm (it isn’t), but because the media sources you use have no filter (they are idiots).

If you’re asking, “Should I be taking fish oil?”, you probably need to relax and take a chill pill (or some fish oil). Understand that the vast majority of the research shows no ill effect from fish oil (There is some good review and editorial here.) In fact, most shows that it’s beneficial. We’ve also covered fish oil research multiple times here on Ketopia.

Also understand that this latest research that is claiming fish oil is going to do you harm is an epidemiological study. At best, it can only indicate correlation, not causation. In this case, the study didn’t even account for known risk factors of prostate cancer. Go figure.

So yeah, keep taking your fish oil until the real science weighs in.

If you want to hear the response to this latest research by some people more credible than myself, perhaps a Ph.D in epidemiology and an oncologist from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute will help assuage your fears:


4 Responses to “About That Recent Report On Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer”

  1. Alfred

    Many thanks, Michael. for your words of wisdom. Your science is solid. We must be ever vigilant because there are some among us who want to eliminate our right to care for our own health.

    We are lost if we cannot prevent the nutritional diseases foisted upon us by what is rightfully called political nutrition if we are denied the ability to read, study, and obtain the nutrition supplements our bodies require for optimum good health.

  2. Scott Cassin

    Great discussion Michael .. Thankyou.. out of interest what Fish Oil(s) would you see as the top quality? I always struggle to know what Im looking for.. thanx

    • Hi Scott!

      We really like the Nordic Naturals fish oil products (in liquid form).

      We have a good local distributor who has monthly sales. There are a few different varieties to choose from. I try to dose at 1.5-2g+ DHA and EPA (whatever is lowest).

      I’ve also used a few other brands (Carlsons, Barleans) (and have been happy with them), but Nordic Naturals is the one we’ve settled on for now. It might be because Mrs. Ketopia ran into a representative at our CoOp and she liked what he had to say about their product…

      If you’re reading this and you have a favorite brand, please share with us!


      PS: We don’t order ours online. We have a local vendor. I’m not sure how fish oil+summer heat of shipping would fare. Maybe it’s not an issue in an unopened bottle?

  3. They found that increased long chain fatty acids *in the blood*, of a type *like* those found in fish oils, were associated with higher levels of prostate cancer. They did NOT record whether the subjects were taking fish oil supplements. The press release was misleading, and of course the press instinctively made the situation worse by inventing this spurious connection. And by the way, there is no evidence whatsoever that fish oil supplements have any value at all.


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